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Beschreibung B-Boy-Beats aus dem AppStore (englisch:

Tap, slide, jump, hand plant and even moonwalk as B-Boy Beats takes iPhone music, rhythm and action games to the next level!

“I couldn’t stop smiling as my fingers were break dancing up a storm.” – TOUCHARCADE.COM

Are you ready to party? B-Boy Beats is a unique, all action, hip hop rhythm game set in 1980’s New York City. As the lead member of a new break-dance crew looking to gain respect, you’ll need to learn the latest moves and battle other crews to claim new turf across various city locations.

Place your fingers on the screen and get ready to move! Simply tap tap, tapping isn’t enough to succeed in B-Boy Beats. Players must hold their fingers on the screen – giving the feel of virtual legs moving across a virtual dance floor!!

Learn the latest dance moves in the fully interactive tutorial before heading out onto the city streets. There are 10 break-dance moves to learn with each one requiring ever greater skill, timing and confidence to pull off.

You knew the city was a dangerous place when you left the safety of the suburbs but are you ready to be tested to the limit? There are 7 hardcore crews each breaking on their home turf to take on and ultimately beat down in your quest to be the best in the city.

Featuring 16 dope tracks from the rising stars of underground hip hop including MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Id Obelus, Ultraklystron, Rai and Magitek.


– The most original music game on iPhone today
– Face off against 7 NYC crews each with their own turf
– Awesome music talent from the hip hop underground
– Rhythm action game-play where your fingers become legs!
– 10 authentic break-dance moves to learn
– Easy and Hard difficulty levels for extra replay value
– Open Feint social network integration

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Break your fingers with… B-Boy Beats!


“Finally someone breaks the mould and changes the fundamental gameplay of music games and it works!” – JeepSurfer (US App Store)

“Pure rhythm gaming bliss… B-Boy Beats is where it’s at” – AppAdvice.com

“Oozes charm…” – TouchGen.com

“I love this game… In a span of mere moments this has become my fav music game… BRAVO!” – russiaone (forum post)

“What a great game… New, fresh and really engaging. I highly recommend it!” – Gingertom_UK (UK App Store)

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Beschreibung aus dem AppStore zu Marine Sharpshooter (englisch):

Marine Sharpshooter: The best selling sniping game of all time, with over a million copies sold on the PC, is now available in a completely customized version for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

You are a Marine Sharpshooter, a member of an elite American military force waging a silent war against terror across the globe. Dropped behind enemy lines, you must uncover and dismantle an elaborate terrorist plot to launch a series of coordinated attacks around the world. Your mission will take you from hidden outposts in desert cities to full scale military bases. Make every shot count, your country and the free world is depending on you. Remember your mantra: “One shot, one kill.”

Game Features:
– Play through 5 major missions, each containing over a dozen combat environments
– Multiple scenarios including hostage rescue and target assassination missions
– Multiple rifles – choose from sniper weapons including the SR25, M82 and more; each weapon has unique attributes including damage, recoil, firing rate, etc.
– Strategic game play: take out enemies at higher vantage points and avoid detection longer
– 2 Play modes, Story Mode and Arcade Mode, ensure plenty of action
– 2 types of control: swipe your touch screen or tilt to aim