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iZappem iOS
iZappem [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:Bintech Systems LLC
Genre:Action, Spielhalle
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iZappem was OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day on October 8th. It was a great success with more than 32,000 downloads.

Thanks for all of the great feedback, reviews, and OpenFient friend request :)


The planet has been taken over by overgrown insects and you have been assigned to a gun turret placed outside the green zone. Your assignment: BLAST anything moving.

iZappem is a fast-paced top down shooter / tower defense game. The goal of the game is to fight off waves of overgrown insects with your gun turret. These insects are bent on destruction, attacking your gun until the damage causes it to explode and self destruct.

The game is simple but addictive and has enough twists to keep players coming back for more. The game features multiple insect enemies. It also has 5 unique special weapons which include landmines that you lay by dragging your finger, force fields that you turn on by double tapping your gun and swipe missiles that follow the path of your finger killing anything in the way. There are ten levels and a survival mode.

YouTube Video:

All updates for this game are FREE

Game features:
• Fast, action oriented game play
• 5 Unique special weapons
• 4 Types of insect foes: (more to come)
• Multi-touch support – shoot with your fingers!
• Swipe missiles follow the path of your finger
• Drop landmines by dragging your finger
• Tap the gun to enable force field defense
• 10 fun packed arcade levels
• Survival mode play
• OpenFeint Leaderboards & Achievements
• Adaptive game play to increase replay value – every game is different

iPhone 4 users: Set the shake option to “easy” for the nukes to work properly. We are aware of this issue and expect to have this corrected in the 1.2 update, thanks for your patience.

Quelle: AppStore

iPhone Screenshots

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iZappem Lite
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