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Zombie Wonderland im App Store
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Zombie Wonderland iOS
Zombie Wonderland [Universal]
Publisher:Chillingo Ltd
Genre:Action, Spielhalle
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Load up your weapons, grab your mop and prepare to blast the zombie pests clean out of town!
The simple townsfolk of Niceville need a Zombie Cleaner to deal with their messy infestation, and it’s Chuck’s job to keep the client’s homes clean of mumbling zombies! Blast away at the undead hordes with your trusty shotgun, Betsy.
If they get inside, don't forget to clean up the zombie guts with your mop when you are done shooting!
Keep them at bay in this frantic action game until the zombie rooster crows at 06:00 am - when the zombies go back to their beauty sleep in the cemetery!

Zombie Wonderland highlights:

• Insane action will keep you awake until the job gets done.
• Story and Survival game modes! Try and last the night of increasing terror.
• Help Chuck fight off several undead types and keep the client’s homes squeaky clean.
• Weapons upgrades, mount up an auto-firing machine gun while you splat the zombies with super-slug bullets.
• Upgrade your cleaning tools, from a humble mop to a Gutvac super vacuum for those hard to remove gut stains.
• The Wicked Spirits are always changing the pace of the game, so you never know what’s happening next.

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Zombie Wonderland Preview Trailer

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