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Triangle Shooter: The Invaders im App Store
Preis & Download:
Triangle Shooter: The Invaders iPhone iPad Download
Triangle Shooter: The Invaders iOS
Triangle Shooter: The Invaders [Universal]
Publisher:Hyoguen Lee
Genre:Action, Arcade
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In the near future, the Earth was in crisis due to the alien invasion. The allied forces, which had been helpless, created "Triangle", a collection of extraterrestrial technologies and sciences collected over the years. You are the last hope of humanity as a pilot of "Triangle".

* Features

- This is a side-scrolling shooter game where you can freely move left and right.
- 12 stages and 2 difficulty levels.
- 4 types of missions that are conducted in different ways.
- Various and unique enemies.
- The more you fight, the stronger your enemy gets. Enhance your fighter with research before fight back against the stronger enemies.
- You need powerful weapons to deal with strong enemies. Purchase equipment before you go on mission.
- Some equipments allow you to use powerful and special skills.
- iCloud support. You can play on iPhone and iPad, and progress will always be in sync.

* Coming soon

- MFI controller support
- More stages

Quelle: AppStore
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