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Trex VIP iPhone iPad Download
Trex VIP iOS
Trex VIP [Universal]
Publisher:Diving Dove Studios Inc.
Genre:Karten, Strategie
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In Trex VIP, four players (Kings) will compete with one another – either in teams or in a free-for-all.

After a hand is dealt, each King chooses 2-5 game variants (“Contracts”). Once all four Kings have completed their turns, they will have finished a cycle called a “Kingdom.” The King with the highest point total for all four Kingdoms wins the game.

Remember: Keep your cards close!

Key Features:
Foster friendships and stoke rivalries with a competitive tournament system.
Learn in just minutes with simple, comprehensive UI.
Clash head-to-head with friends in your living room or across the world.
Relax and enjoy matching wits with devious AI in single-player mode.
Test your skills with and against your friends in Quick Play mode.

Formed in 2016 in London, Ontario, Canada, Diving Dove Studios focuses on producing new and innovative gaming experiences for cultures all around the world.

Diving Dove: Celebrating culture through games.

Quelle: AppStore
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