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Tiliard iOS
Tiliard [Universal]
Publisher:Marek Toth
Genre:Puzzle, Sport
News (4)
Tiliard is FREE... and it's going to stay that way... forever :) No IAPs, no ads... get the full game for absolutely nothing, enjoy and let us know how you like it.
Thanks a lot to all the Tilehall Junkies who bought and supported it!


"A real hidden gem of the App Store" - Pete Davison, Inside Mobile Apps

Tiliard is a unique mix of billiard and puzzle game. Use your fingertips instead of pool cues and shoot tiles instead of balls. Clear each table with as few shots as possible. To achieve it, you must think ahead and plan every shot before you take it, just like in a real game of pool or snooker.

Do you think you got what it takes to become a Tiliard All-Star?


+ innovative gameplay
+ smooth learning curve
+ multiple ways to solve puzzles
+ 4 (+1) unique tile halls
+ 40 (+10) challenging tables
+ exceptional power-ups
+ Game Center achievements & leaderboards
+ music by Pietro Royalty
+ made in Slovakia


Inside Mobile Apps - "In its current state, Tiliard is an excellent puzzle game that deserves to see some success ... its originality, excellent and distinctive presentation, entertaining gameplay and respect for its players are all factors worthy of a considerable amount of praise."

Gameplay Magazine - 74 - " I’ve never played a game with mechanics like this; it was a refreshing twist for a puzzle game and was actually quite ingenious for 2 Key Players first foray into the games world."

The Apple Tree - 5/5 - "Tiliard for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is an amazingly unique puzzle game."

AppSpy - 3/5 - "A novel concept in basing a puzzle game around sinking billiard balls, but takes a lot of time and patience to learn and conquer."

iReviewT - B+ - "Tiliard ist eine clevere und zugleich innovative Mischung aus Puzzle und Billard. Das Ergebnis kann sich wirklich sehen lassen ... Wir waren mit dem Produkt vollauf zufrieden und sprechen von unserer Seite eine klare Kaufempfehlung aus."

Quelle: AppStore
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