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SWOORDS - Clash of Words im App Store
Preis & Download:
SWOORDS - Clash of Words iPhone iPad Download
SWOORDS - Clash of Words iOS
SWOORDS - Clash of Words [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:Pollso LTD
Genre:Quiz- und Denkspiele, Wortspiele
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SWOORDS is a free multiplayer online word game, play in turn with your friends and challenge Doctor SWO.

Do you love new word games and want to challenge your friends?

Why SWOORDS is unique?
? No invasive advertising! Never.
? New dynamics and rules of play
? Dynamic letters score
? Weapons & Bonuses in a word game
? New and challenging gameplay
? Artificial Intelligence Challenge


The mission is to find a word that begins with the last two letters of the previous word launched by your opponent. If they challenge you with the word "ROTATE", your answer will have to be a word that begins with "TE", for example "TENSION".

You have 20 seconds of time and 5 rounds to find the word using as many letters as possible to accumulate score. For each game, the letters in your keyboard will have a different score, choose the ones with the highest value to win.


MULTIPLAYER WORD PLAY ONLY - Enjoy finding the most scoring words that start with the last letters of the previous word. Practice your language skills and challenge your opponents with Italian and English dictonary.

ARMS & BONUS - To distract your opponents you can use bonus or weapons to waste valuable time in choosing words.

? TWIST: Displays the order of letters on the keyboard of your opponent.
? BOMB: Place a surprise bomb on a letter from your opponent's keyboard.
? FREEZE: Swipe for a turn a vowel on the keyboard of your opponent.
? JOLLY: Jump to the next round with a suggested word.
? GOLD: Can you find all the Gold Letters? While playing, look at your keyboard, you may find a gold letter worth 10 points!

PLAY EVERYWHERE - You can play to SWOORDS anywhere. Connect with Facebook to find your friends right now and challenge them wherever and whenever you want!

TRAINING WITH DOCTOR SWO - Challenge AI where and whenever you want! Doctor SWO, the creator of this game of words, is waiting for you to challenge you at different levels of difficulty. Best of the 5 Rounds, best of 10 Rounds and in Survivor mode.

SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Challenge your friends and make new matches by adding players to your favorites.


Challenge a friend to a head-to-head battle searching for words with as many points as possible.
Challenge a worthy opponent to an unprecedented challenge!
Challenge Doctor SWO, the artificial intelligence to training your skills
Explore your friends' network to find new opponents to challenge.

Sito ufficiale:

SWOORDS is developed by Pollso LTD, Mobile Game Studio by


Quelle: AppStore

iPhone Screenshots

Screenshot 1 SWOORDS - Clash of WordsScreenshot 2 SWOORDS - Clash of WordsScreenshot 3 SWOORDS - Clash of WordsScreenshot 4 SWOORDS - Clash of WordsScreenshot 5 SWOORDS - Clash of Words
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