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Square Path im App Store
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Square Path iPhone iPad Download
Square Path iOS
Square Path [Universal]
Publisher:Cappuccino LLC
Genre:Spielhalle, Puzzle
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Square Path is an addictive, fast-paced, reflexive endless puzzle game that requires you to stop at the right place within a quadrilateral matrix. It is a challenging experience that is designed for the hardcore amongst you. If you think you have played challenging games, then make your way into Square Path and prove that you can overcome the challenge. The game comes with a Darkest Nation theme that makes the experience all the more interesting.

You have to tap the consecutive spots with perfect coordination and timing. It will be harder to catch the spots, varying in speed and size, than you think. It is an addicting experience that will improve your mental focus & attention. If you think of your mind as a muscle, then Square Path is your gym.

Are you ready to play the addictive Square Path? How far can you go?


Endless Gameplay
Improves Mental Focus
Unlock new themes
Single touch controls
Compete with friends and family with Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements.

Quelle: AppStore
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