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Smoosh Lab [Universal]
Publisher:Curious Labs
Genre:Strategie, Puzzle
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“My name is Lazlo, and I’m in charge here. This is MY game. MY laboratory. MY world. Why are you even looking at this? You can't beat me. I'm better than you. There's no way you can solve my puzzles... No way! Even if you do manage to squeak your way through, I’ve had my minions create infinitely more levels in the community labs. Wait... Aren't you one of my minions? What are you doing here!?!?! Download the game and get to work! I need you to create levels and outwit the world.”

Sorry about that, sometimes Lazlo can get a bit out of hand. Smoosh LAB is the sequel to the original puzzler that knocked everyone’s socks right back on. Now with the potential for unlimited creativity in our level editor, you can challenge your puny brained friends to see who’s got what it takes. Level-up to customize Blop shapes and patterns, change your lab theme, and unlock more options in the level editor.

• MASTER 100 increasingly challenging puzzles.
• CREATE unlimited levels to outwit the world.
• SHARE your creations with friends.
• SOLVE endless puzzles in the community lab.
• PLAY at your own pace without the stress of a clock.
• BEAT every puzzle to become the ultimate minion!

Quelle: AppStore
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