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Smash it Up! im App Store
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Publisher:Tag Games Limited
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At the end of a hard week have you ever wanted to just let loose and smash some stuff up? Now you can and without doing any real damage!

Head out into the city armed with just a few bricks to play a game of destruction and mayhem with your buddies. Smash it Up! features two game modes: Play against a human opponent or the computer for the highest score or alternatively play against the clock in a game of survival.

Featuring intuitive touch controls for an authentic throwing action, a wide variety of objects to destroy, various game modes, single and multi-player play, four tough opponents, high quality 3D visuals and immersive audio.

Now let's go Smash it Up!

Flick to throw – just like real life!
Variety of different objects to hit and destroy!
Realistic 3D graphics.
Play against a friend or the computer.
Ambient sounds and special effects.

Please note this game was previously released as All Stars Quarterback. If you enjoyed smashing stuff up press the More Games link on the main menu for more Tag Games or email us at

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