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Slotz Racer
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Slotz Racer []
Publisher:Freeverse, Inc.
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Beschreibung aus dem AppStore

"Though I've said it before (and I will probably say it again), SlotZ Racer is probably my favorite game for the iPhone to date." - CNET


The ultimate slot car racing game for your iPhone and iPod touch. Relive those great childhood memories of building tracks, burning rubber, and racing with your friends and family!

SlotZ Racer lets players race against the computer or friends; a unique control system allows up to 4 people to race on a single iPhone! Features an intuitive track editor to give the player the ultimate freedom to design their very own courses, and offers a wide selection of cars to race. Compete for laps or against the clock in Time Trials, drive an endurance race, (with simulated days and nights), or play a 'Quick Race' to jump straight into the action. The game also includes unlockable new circuits, cars, track locations and championship challenges to keep the action exciting and fresh!

Set up your track to be 2 or 4 lanes, clip together track pieces, or even build a complete club style circuit. Players have the option to play with lane changing, or fixed lanes for the racing purists.

"We've had more fun with this than any other racing game on the iPhone. Buy it." -

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  • Tobias Tietz

    ich hab da mal ne frage warum wird der softlaunch in länder rausgebracht wo ich der meinung bin das da der absatz an downloads nicht da ist und es zu wenig sind die das spiel testen ?

  • Marcus (

    Dem Entwickler reichen wohl ein paar tausend Tester, schließlich ist die iOS-Plattform nicht so fragmentiert wie z.B. Android. Und die dürfte man bei rund 5,6 Millionen Einwohnern in Dänemark zusammenbekommen… vermuten wir zumindest