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Side Jumper: Cube Brick Smash im App Store
Preis & Download:
Side Jumper: Cube Brick Smash iPhone iPad Download
Side Jumper: Cube Brick Smash iOS
Side Jumper: Cube Brick Smash [Universal]
Genre:Puzzle, Brettspiele
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How to play:

You are that orange cube which is running around the 5x5 board made of squares. Tap on the screen to jump with your orange cube on blocks from one side to another and try to destroy and demolish them all. The higher the number in the numbered squares - the more strength they have. Your player also has a jumping power. It reduces the power of board tiles by that number, or if it's higher - smashes the cube completely. Try to clear the board, collect cubes with plus sign to level up and increase your player's smashing power. Collect bombs to destroy the nearby squares. Try to score as many points as possible and compete with others in worldwide leaderboard.

Some tips:

- Don’t rush things! There is no time limit, relax and take your time, let your player cube doodle around. It does not punish you in any way. Think twice before starting a wild cube blast.

- Try to look for a blockchain in the line, i.e. till all the nearby squares fill up with blocks number. Avoid jumping through the line with only few cubes in it.

- Don’t try to collect power ups instantly. Sometimes it’s worth to clear other lines with tiles and wait while the line where the level up item is in fills up with other squares. This way you don’t waste your move by jumping on only one block.

- Don’t try to collect bombs as soon as they appear. Wait for the closest tiles to fill up so that the bomb could destroy it.

Quelle: AppStore
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