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Royal Castle Adventure im App Store
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Royal Castle Adventure iPhone iPad Download
Royal Castle Adventure iOS
Royal Castle Adventure [Universal]
Publisher:Andelka Vukmirovic
Genre:Abenteuer, Action
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Are you ready to take on a trip to the past? We arrive into the medieval times, the time of knights, queens, and dragons.
The labyrinth. Everything is built out of stone, the grass covers the floor and the ivy is climbing the cold stone walls. The brave knight takes on the unknown with a goal to save the Queen. He moves fast, but the road to victory isn't easy. On the road, he will find chests. The chests contain fruit and questions if the knight answers them correctly he will gain power-ups from the fruit, and those power-ups will help him reach his goal.
Beware of the traps that the big red Dragon placed and save the Queen as that is your duty, knight.

* Amazing environment filled with puzzles, riddles and traps
* Great characters
* Great rich story
* Ambient sounds
* Realistic sound effects
* Amazing graphics
*Lot of mind games
* Pickups and power-ups
* A Bow and arrow as your trusty weapon
*Educational game for kids

Download this game, cross all obstacles and win!

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