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Montezuma Deluxe im App Store
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Montezuma Deluxe iOS
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????Montezuma Deluxe HERE!!!????

Although with simple originality, the game is very challenging. All you need to do is to stop balls from falling into the hole in the end of the rail by eliminating them. And once it falls into the hole, lose the game.
Why you'll like Montezuma Deluxe:

Background music and theme of the game – Inca culture is very united and mysterious. Sound effect is simple but high-quality. It mainly comes from stone which makes the game ancient, mysterious, and outstanding.

Use touch screen to for basic control. It's easy to learn and get more challenging when you get further in the game. New player can read "how to play" in HELP menu.

Based on eliminating game, creativity of Montezuma Deluxe is unique. A stronger sense of action, simple but attractive content, collision and pull back system which makes player sense the gravity, make the game close to real life. It's a successful work.

The game satisfies different player. There're many special events in the game which gives players more power when they finish certain mission, attracting players to develop more in the game.
Now iPhone 4 retina display support!

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