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Pixel Ranger
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Pixel Ranger []
Publisher:Chillingo Ltd
Genre:Arcade, Shooter
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Beschreibung aus dem AppStore

Take control of a colorful cowboy and blast anything that moves in this vibrant, action-packed shooter. Every enemy you destroy drops valuable pixels. Collect them to score big points and replenish your ammo. A modern game with retro aesthetics, Pixel Ranger offers the best of both worlds for any shooter fan.

Pixel Ranger Highlights
• Over 50 levels populated by 73 enemies, each with different attack patterns.
• Two game modes: classic and endless.
• Eleven power-ups even the odds. (Watch out for the power-downs, though.)
• String together combos to activate huge score multipliers.
• Retro 8-bit visual style so cool it appeals to gamers of all ages.

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