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Pin Tiki Ball im App Store
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Pin Tiki Ball iOS
Pin Tiki Ball [Universal]
Publisher:Infinite Softech Inc
Genre:Familie, Spielhalle
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"It’s a cool take on traditional pinball tables ... In addition to the nice graphics ... Pin Tiki Ball has all the components you’d expect from a digital pinball game: all sorts of crazy ways to get rack up points, bonus games, and more" ? iLounge

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Pin Tiki Ball is a Refreshing New Game from Infinite Softech Inc with Fascinating 3D Graphics, Large Scale Cartoon Physics and Fun features!

Juggle the volcanic hot lava balls high and low, while protecting the Pin Tiki natives from Scorpions and Snakes...

Crush and collect Coconuts, Watermelons and Bananas, find Diamonds, Rubies, Gold and activate the Bamboo Pipe Water Sprinkler to calm down the volcano's wrath...

Fun Features:

• Timing your shot on the lava-ball is essential. Can you master the perfect timing and beat the high-score?
• Pin Tiki Ball's Wheel of Fortune: watermelon frenzy, coconut frenzy, snake attacks, scorpion attacks, ruby & diamond bonus and power flippers.
• Living native guards that respond dynamically to dangers and opportunities
• Fire Ball Tiki with surprising turns in a ridiculously fun chaos!
• Rotate Two Face Tiki to access the bamboo shower or get to the gold
• A hidden bonus game on the inside of the volcano!
• Collect rubies, diamonds and gold
• Catch a spider web in the scorpion cave and attach it between the flippers
• Crush scorpions for a disgusting treat
• Cool Animated 3D effects
• Detailed soundscape

Tech Features:

• High frame rates for a smooth gaming experience
• Adaptive graphics based on hardware specifications
• Advanced physical calculations
• 3 camera angles
• 5 Score Achievements
• 8 Native Rank Achievements
• User guide
• Local High Scores in addition to Game Center Leader Boards
• 9 Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish

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