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Paranormal Minis im App Store
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Paranormal Minis iPhone iPad Download
Paranormal Minis iOS
Paranormal Minis [Universal]
Publisher:Ravenous Games Inc.
Genre:Action, Spielhalle
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From the studio behind Random Heroes, League of Evil, and Devious Dungeon; comes an action shooter about all things supernatural and other worldly.

Paranormal Minis is about a small group of doomsday preppers that have been getting ready for the end of days! Luckily for them, they are equipped for the onslaught of all things unnatural! Get ready for a fun shooter that has you going after vampires, ghost, demons, aliens and other abominations spread across 3 locations: the Cemetery, an Alien Planet and Hell!

Choose a character, create a loadout with your favorite weapons and skills matching your play style; then go give these Paranormal scumbags your best! Earn game cash and XP every round to upgrade your arsenal and abilities.

- 4 playable characters (unique stats and custom loadouts)
- 3 worlds
- Over 20 weapons
- Over 15 perks
- Over 10 enemies
- Achievements

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