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No Heroes Allowed™:No Puzzles! im App Store
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No Heroes Allowed™:No Puzzles! iPhone iPad Download
No Heroes Allowed™:No Puzzles! iOS
No Heroes Allowed™:No Puzzles! [Universal]
Publisher:dan jiang
Genre:Rollenspiel, Puzzle
News (2)
This game with quirky pixel style, interesting plot,and reverse gaming experience,is sure to surprise you?
The legend is to be unearthed! Full of familiar bridges of RPG , the unique game?hero is too arrogant ?series, which is now full of hunting block, and is fully resurrected on the iPhone (iPad). The player must destroy the block with his pickel, so that he can summon the monster to fight back?hero?, who go closer to the puzzle. In addition, you can?catch? the hero, ?dig?new monster and magic objects, and ?evolution? the monster Legion, with your original powerful Legion to deal with those who are too arrogant!

- reverse the game experience, destroy god, defeat the brave and conquer the world.
- the evolutionary biologic chain of magic
- synchronizing operation to eliminate the extremes of manipulation
- the interesting character sets the dialogue
- dungeon formation
- a total of 64 cards in the world, 64 in the world
-200+ magic, 200+ warriors collect
-20+BGM music 150+ sound performance
- multiple material collection
- the evolution of the rich magic
New content coming soon. thank you like our game.

Quelle: AppStore
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