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Lovecraft: Monsters! im App Store
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Lovecraft: Monsters! iPhone iPad Download
Lovecraft: Monsters! iOS
Lovecraft: Monsters! [Universal]
Publisher:LCD Dreams Inc.
Genre:Strategie, Rollenspiel
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Something horrible lurks in the dark depths below!

You are an investigator looking for an ancient artifact called an Elder Sign within a very dark labyrinth. But the Elders and their Shoggoths have no intention of letting you live, much less leave with the artifact! All you have with you is a lantern, a shotgun, and your wits. Will you make it out alive?

Lovecraft: Monsters! is an HP Lovecraft themed, casual, turn-based, monster hunt. Very easy to learn and play but with enough depth to keep you playing again and again.

* Randomized three level dungeon
* Both health and sanity stats to monitor - if either reaches zero, it's curtains for you!
* Creepy atmosphere created by limited lighting, terrifying sound effects, and creepy 1950s monster movie style music
* Three levels of difficulty
* Online leaderboards for each difficulty level
* Hand drawn pixel graphics
* Online or offline play (online is just for the leaderboards)

Monsters! was developed by one guy in his spare time and is a short demo of a much larger game planned. Be sure to visit the Monsters! facebook page at to chat with other players and get the latest news on Monsters! and the full game.

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