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Left Behind Zombie Apocalypse im App Store
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Left Behind Zombie Apocalypse iPhone iPad Download
Left Behind Zombie Apocalypse iOS
Left Behind Zombie Apocalypse [Universal]
Publisher:Henrique Silva
Genre:Strategie, Action
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You've been left behind and now you have to survive the zombie hordes!

Left behind features lots of weapons and special attacks such as tank ridding and airstrikes.

You're packed with massive fire power: Shotguns, Machine guns, Rifles, RPG's. You can even fire Missiles from Tanks, and call for Air Strikes!

There are also special power-ups you can pick up to beat you friends record and rule the leaderboards!

50+ missions to complete and earn coins to get even more fire power!

Watch out for the new running zombies and be prepared for intense Boss fights!

There is not a minute of rest in this Z-War game: To survive you have to dodge the flamming zombies and jump over the crawling zombies!

Destroy everything in your path and see how long you can survive in this zombie war Apocalypse!


- Swipe Left and Right to move sideways.
- Swipe Up to push Zombies and jump over obstacles.
- Swipe Down to select a new Weapon or call an Air Strike.


+ BOSS Fights
+ Tank Surfing
+ Airstrikes
+ Lots of weapons!
+ Power-ups
+ Missions
+ Leaderboard
+ Zombie Killing FUN!

Quelle: AppStore
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