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Kona's Crate, an innovative take on physics-based puzzlers, has players delivering mysterious wooden crates to Chief Kona by controlling a jet-powered delivery platform. Expertly navigate through Chief Kona's twisted hallways - dodging floating blocks, steam geysers, and even TNT, all to get Chief Kona his goods. Squeeze through tight spaces and turn sharp corners at blinding speeds using your reflexes in order to achieve time-based and skill-based awards. 60 levels, broken down into 3 campaigns, will challenge players with its increasingly devilish design and difficulty. Once you've tried Kona's Crate, you'll never look at delivery the same way again.


* 3 campaigns featuring 60+ levels with additional campaigns and levels coming soon
* Continues support with free content updates
* HD-Quality graphics
* Engaging physic-based gameplay
* Simple to pickup tap based controls
* Beat the best - see how you stack up on global OpenFeint driven leaderboards
* Challenge your friends - post your best times to Facebook and Twitter
* Unlockable OpenFeint and Game Center achievements

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