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Knockball iPhone iPad Download
Knockball [Universal]
Publisher:LGT SIA
Genre:Brettspiele, Puzzle
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Beschreibung aus dem AppStore

148apps:"Knockball is good, physics puzzling fun. There are tons of levels and many different configurations to stump players, and the physics are spot on. The fast thinking and soft touch required also mean this game has more to offer than just mindless ball rolling. Players will enjoy the challenge and polish of this game.""...Knockball is a perfect game. If you are very boring, so try it. It can be your best playmate! ""Gameplay: 4+/5, Difficulty: 4+/5, Controls: 5/5, Artwork: 4+/5, Sound: 4/5, Overall: 4+/5""Knockball - ??? ????, ?????????? ? ???? ??????? ? ???????, ?????????? ???????? ????????, ???????????? ???????? ? ?????????? ?????????."

Knock all the silver balls off the board, without losing the golden ball!
Use the minimum number of hits and gain stars according to your skill.
- There are 100 levels to walk through.
- Play single-player or against a computer opponent.
- Beat levels on your own or compete against a computer opponent.
- Universal app for both iPhone and iPad
- Realistic collision physics and sounds

Perfect time killer:
– No time pressure – play relaxed
– No reaction needed
– Knocking is fun!

1) You can pull arrow starting anywhere on screen, not only on the golden ball. It is important when shooting from corners and borders.
2) You can skip arrow tapping with another finger anywhere on screen.
3) You can make another shot immediately - don't wait until ball stops ( except game vs. PC )!

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