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Invader: Catch me if you can im App Store
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Invader: Catch me if you can iPhone iPad Download
Invader: Catch me if you can iOS
Invader: Catch me if you can [Universal]
Publisher:BRAUTHER Co. Ltd.
Genre:Arcade, Sport, Sport
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"Only I can be in the spotlight. I am the hero on the pitch!"

Dream of invading the pitch!
[Invader: Catch me if you can] will make it come true!

This game is not just simply about rushing into the pitch.
This game gives you an opportunity to pour your passion and love for soccer over the pitch.
Let’s see how long you can stand!
If you score more than 1000 points, you would call yourself as a real soccer fan.

[Game attributes]
- Drag your character to move and avoid the security guards.
- Use special items thrown into the pitch and beat the security guards.
- Go into the bonus zone and obtain benefits including stamina, gold, bonus score and etc.

Share the game screenshot via Facebook or Instagram and enjoy with your friends!

Quelle: AppStore
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