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Hibachi Hero im App Store
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Hibachi Hero iPhone iPad Download
Hibachi Hero iOS
Hibachi Hero [Universal]
Publisher:Thumbspire Inc.
Genre:Spielhalle, Action
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You’ve got to stay on your toes if you want to be the Hibachi Hero!

In this fast-paced first-person food shooter, the goal is to work your way up to being the Ultimate Hibachi Chef. Fling your knife to cut steaks, salmon fillets, veggies, and more as they fall from above.
Watch out for seasoning bombs that will give your food a burst of flavor, as well as special ingredients that will add valuable Golden Knives to your collection. You can use Golden Knives to unlock new restaurant locations & special knives like Knight’s Blade, Katana, Shuriken & many, many more. Keep an eye out for bad ingredients that will mess up your order! Keep the good stuff on the grill, or you’re fired!

Will you become the next Hibachi Hero? Fling, Sling, and slice your way to the top!

Hibachi Hero features:
- An assortment of delicious foods to slice and dice
- Special Ingredients & gifts to collect while you play!
- An array of knives and restaurants to expand your culinary horizons
- Simple Swipe-to-play controls
- Sensational seasonings that will satisfy your customers!

Quelle: AppStore
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