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Heroes Of Elements im App Store
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Heroes Of Elements iPhone iPad Download
Heroes Of Elements iOS
Heroes Of Elements [Universal]
Genre:Strategie, Karten
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Heroes of Elements is a Match-3 strategy card battle game set in a near future world. You will lead a group of heroes to fight against waves of monsters released to the world by the evil Fengshui Corporation.

- Strategic combat
The game features a formation system that makes the placement of your hero’s position very important. Also make good use of elemental advantages can be a big help on your road to victory.

- Diverse cast of heroes
On your journey of fighting against Fengshui Corporation and the evil monsters, you will come across a large number of heroes who can join your team. They have different backgrounds and skills, and can fill in various roles in combat like tanks and healers and more roles beyond that.

- Develop and evolve
Collected hero can further level up his/her attributes, level up skills as well as learn new skills by evolving into the next tier.

- Venture into unknown lands
The battle against the elemental monsters is not an easy one. You will tread on unknown lands and encounter dangerous enemies: cities guarded by Fengshui private army, forests with corrupted animals lurking inside, and deadly deserts filled with scorpions and spiders.

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