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Golitaire im App Store
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Golitaire iPhone iPad Download
Golitaire iOS
Golitaire [Universal]
Publisher:OG Studio
Genre:Familie, Karten
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Golitaire is a new experience of Solitaire Game. Play Golitaire to wake up your brain in the morning or to clear your mind before going to bed.
Golitaire has so many beautiful card's styles you can change and discover. You can touch or drag the cards to complete the game the way you feel most comfortable. Golitaire is concerned about the comfort of your experience. Golitaire has many card's styles and background's styles you can explore will make you feel excited and surprised.

Golitaire give you:
• The best Free Solitaire Game ever
• Unlimited Undo and Hint features: Maximum support to win
• Auto finish a completed game!
• Super simple control with 2 options: Touch or Drag to be Winner
• Custom control with Left-Hand or Right-Hand
• Useful statistics: Help you review and improve your results
• Funny Winning ceremonies
• Support devices: iPhone, iPad and new iPhone X

See for yourself why so many other love this game!
Take a break, Go-solitaire!

Quelle: AppStore
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