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Online Chess 2 Full Version iOS
Online Chess 2 Full Version []
Publisher:Magnus Lidman
Genre:Brettspiel, Multiplayer
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"A Dream Come True! - I’ve tried every chess app available for iPhone and, for online play, nothing else is anywhere near the league that this chess app is in."
?User review from PDAdave (v1.0)

Magnus's Online Chess is the #1 chess app for the iPhone. It features:
? Online multiplayer against real people
? Thousands of opponents to choose from
? Powerful matchmaking
? Strong AI opponents
? Keep track of your rating / ranking
? Simple interface and beautiful graphics

Please note: For full functionality, you'll need to unlock the premium version. Give the free version a try, and if you like it, you can upgrade from inside the app.

Real chess against real people
Other iPhone chess apps let you play against a strong computer opponent. This can be fun, but nothing compares to playing against a real person. Magnus’s Online Chess is the best way to play multiplayer chess on the iPhone.

Thousands of opponents to choose from
Most multiplayer iPhone chess apps connect to people with the same app. But Magnus's Online Chess is different. It connects to the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS).

FICS is one of the most popular chess servers on the planet. There are over 300,000 registered users, and there are normally over 1000 people online, any time of the day.

Easily find your perfect match
We've developed an innovative game browser which makes finding the right opponent easy.

If you're a beginner, you can play other people at your level who make the kinds of mistakes only a human can. If you're a bit more advanced, you can chat about opening theory while you play people on your level.

And if you want a real challenge, forget strong computer opponents, there are many IMs, Grandmasters etc. who are regularly online, and it's easy to browse the players online by rating.

Still want to play against a machine?
If you still prefer playing computer opponents, no problem. There are always AI opponents connected to FICS, at all playing strengths (up to master level).

Since these are running on full desktop computers connected to the net, they're typically much stronger than the computer opponents in an iPhone app could possibly be.

Keep track of your progress
When you sign up with FICS, you're given a rating. As you play rated games on the server, FICS keeps track of your wins and losses.

We've made it super easy to keep track of how you compare to other players, by turning your rating into a percentage rank. It's awesome seeing your rank increase as you improve, and it also lets you make sure you're challenging people at the right level for you.

And if you feel like taking it easy, there are always plenty of people playing unrated games which don't affect your score.

Looks and feels the way iPhone chess should
If Apple made a chess app, we think it would look like this. The board and pieces have been drawn from scratch to be as clear as possible on the iPhone's screen.

Ever had problems with your finger getting in the way when you're playing an iPhone game? We've solved this problem by inventing an innovative interface which zooms in while you're moving a piece. It's the easiest way we've seen to play chess on the iPhone.

Updates coming soon!
You can vote on our blog to let us know which features you want to see added.

Coming soon via free updates:
• Game archive
• Save and playback your games
• Email PGN files
• Lots more!

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