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Bone Bone TD Free
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Bone Bone TD Free iPhone iPad Download
Bone Bone TD Free
Bone Bone TD Free []
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This is the free version of 'Bone Bone' which is a TD game. Only 6 Stages in this edition.

The story is that long long ago, in order to avenge his families, Mark decides to revive Count Dracula. He cheats the monsters in his castle that the kids of the peace town have special blood which can revive Count. To protect the kids, the villagers bravely resist the invasion of Vampire Legion.

If you don’t want a failed start, please put crystal when the game starts. The crystal will provide you 25 gold coins every 5s. Construct ballista to resist the enemy. Dynamite barrel is a good thing, and when you encounter an enemy that you can not defeat, you can use it and meanwhile tilt your screen, or the dynamite barrel will be just a wood barrel.

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please email to

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