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Fresh Body [Universal]
Publisher:Tianrui Liao
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Transform yourself into a monster to progress and defeat even more powerful monsters.
Fresh Body is a hardcore rogue-like action game. Discover a dark world crawling with monsters and nightmares. Kill monsters to collect body parts and combine them to obtain skills and abilities. Transform yourself into a monster to progress and defeat even more powerful monsters.
Build the character you want and adapt your play style, modifying your body to the enemies you encounter.
RPG elements:
---Collect 180+ monster bodies and use them to create an unique character with heads, arms and legs from monsters. It's disgusting, but it's for your own good.
---Combine and mix parts together to gain unique abilities.
---Gene enhancement - Use genes from monsters to permanently enhance your body.
---180+ Skills: From super speed to lasers or super punches.
---20+ Talents: More damage, more resistance, regeneration or even revival.
Find allies, merchants and very ugly bosses.
Rogue-like elements:
---Randomly generated levels - There is nothing constant except change.
---Hardcore - If you die, you lose your progression, but there are exceptions.
---Choices are important - Take care of the resources you collect, they might just save your life.

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