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Fragment of Marine im App Store
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Fragment of Marine iPhone iPad Download
Fragment of Marine iOS
Fragment of Marine [Universal]
Publisher:Ryo Maehama
Genre:Abenteuer, Action
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"Fragment of Marine" is a circle action that advances across a circular foothold.
The hero whose body has been divided into six colors goes on a journey to collect bodies for a certain purpose.

[Game design that both beginner and advanced game can play]
By setting checkpoints shorter, even beginners can move slowly little by little,
Collection factors such as "memory of fragments", time attacks, achievements, etc.
We prepared factors that even advanced gamers can engage.

[Intuitive operation]
A UI using the entire screen realized a smooth operation with no difference in any terminal size

[Change color]
Players will progress while changing their color.
With this one action you can move various gimmicks.

[Incorporated element]
Even after clearing the game,
Compete with users nationwide in online rankings,
Clear in as few mistakes as possible, clear in time
We prepared performance factors.
Even if you release all "a little" extra ...?

Quelle: AppStore
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