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Fool's Paradise [Universal]
Publisher:Sunny Sadruddin
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What are those adorable dumb characters doing with their lives. Is it the dumb ways to live?

Enjoy 19 hilarious mini-games and let the lives of those dumb characters to be straight.
Also Let your kids learn the basics of live. That’s our message

Game is absolutely FREE to Enjoy.

- 19 different mini games to enjoy
- Simple Swipe, Tap, and Tilt control
- 2 Awesome power ups to progress
- Adorable and Cute characters
- Folk Acoustic music
- Funny Animation
- Game Centre leaderboard
- Localized in English, French, Spanish and Chinese
- Facebook Friends challenge and invites

Game Play
- Don’t let the water on the floor. Quickly drain it
- Organize your desk
- Don’t litter on roads. Put the litter in the dustbin
- Brush your teeth twice a day. What will happen then?
- Save your pretty flowers
- Worms on fruits. Smash it!
- Monkey wants Banana. Peel it fast, it is hungry
- Lock the diaper, before he poops
- Tie the shoe lace or you will tripped
- Be careful with the electric wires.
- Feed the baby!
- Slice a carrot
- Comb hair after bath
- Little Cutie Dog is hungry! Catch the Food.
- Don’t spill water. Balance the glass
- It’s a dark room, switch on lights for surprise
- Don’t mess with elevator numbers
- If it’s cold, switch on heater
- Where is the cat? Find her!

And ONE MORE THING… You have 2 POWER UPS to progress.
- Time Stopper
- Skip the level

Have fun and always stay healthy :)

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