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Flick Champions VS: Paintball im App Store
Preis & Download:
Flick Champions VS: Paintball iPhone iPad Download
Flick Champions VS: Paintball iOS
Flick Champions VS: Paintball [Universal]
Publisher:NAWIA GAMES Sp. z o.o.
Genre:Action, Sport
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Load your paint gun, put on your camo and jump straight into the endless battle with the other shooting lovers, in this extremely entertaining multi-player version of Flick Champions Extreme Sport!

Meet the soldiers from around the world, challenge them, or master your skills alone and meet them again when the time is right.

Take your spare time to become an insuperable universal soldier and mark your path with hectolitres of sweat and paint, splashed everywhere on your online friends and enemies alike.

Run, crouch, take covers and do not let yourself be killed. Collect paint granades and use them once the atmosphere thickens. Collect power-ups and enter invincible mode to become the unstoppable ultimate paint throwing machine for a couple of seconds...

? Real-time multiplayer arcade cross-platform shooting
? Solo, rank-boosting mode
? Instant pick-up and play with interactive tutorial
? Modern, High Definition graphics
? Global Ranking of the best (and worst!) Sharpshooters
? Lightweight, smooth and User-friendly

Stay tuned for more online multiplayer sporting events, powered by Flick Champions ™ !

Quelle: AppStore
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