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Five Card Quest - Tactical RPG Battles im App Store
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Five Card Quest - Tactical RPG Battles iPhone iPad Download
Five Card Quest - Tactical RPG Battles iOS
Five Card Quest - Tactical RPG Battles [Universal]
Publisher:Rocketcat LLC
Genre:Strategie, Rollenspiel
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Five Card Quest is a tactical role playing game designed to offer lots of challenge and replay value, while also being easy to control with one thumb. There are five cards in your hand, and every card you play is a different move for your team of heroes to carry out.

Dungeons and battles are randomly generated, making every game different. Create a party of adventurers out of 5 different character classes, each with their own strengths. Plan out your moves in a game about decisive turn-based combat and working out strategies around uncertainty.

If you're very careful and a little lucky, you may be able to defeat the Golden King. You might even get rich in the process.

More Features:
- Turn based battles let you agonize about each move and/or play it on the subway.
- Difficult to win, easy to play.
- Card game inspired battle system. You must plan based on what you have in your hand.
- Fast paced combat, especially for the genre. Both you and enemies do lots of damage.
- 16 different enemy types, all with different movesets and behaviors.

This is our first game in the turn based RPG genre. We'd like to make more!

Help us out, let us know what you think about Five Card Quest and contact us at:
@rocketcatgames or

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Five Card Quest - Tactical RPG Battles Trailer

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