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FFFFF2P [Universal]
Publisher:Elevate Entertainment LLC
Genre:Spielhalle, Action
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FFFFF2P is a tongue-in-cheek, retro platformer with romance, baddies and free-ness.

"Pretty damn addictive" - Game Mob

"Silly, funny and endlessly addictive in all the right ways" - Developer's Accomplice

"A game that is so tongue in cheek about it’s own existence that you may think it’s serious." - Geeks Under Grace

Princess Pixel is being held captive by Ug, the evil ogre! Its up to YOU to rescue her and restore order to the world. This is not going to be easy. To save the Princess, you’ll have to run, jump, and close, close, close, close, close, close, and close the ads Ug hurls at you. Don’t get squashed!

Can you collect enough coins to ransom the Princess?

+ Visit the store and purchase items to help you on your quest!

+ Eat some candy to run faster and jump higher.

+ Upgrade your floating castle to really bring the money in.

+ The game is FREE, but the stakes are HIGH!


FFFFF2P is truly free to play but does offer in-app purchases of various kinds. The entire game can be played without a single purchase ( it just won’t be as much fun ). You can disable in-app purchases in your iOS system settings.

Let us know what you think! Problems? Questions? Get in touch! support@elevatefun

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