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Dot zone is a game of patience and skill, dash between safe zones and collect special tokens to increase your score! There are four safe zones in the game, you can dash between them in any direction by simply tapping the zone you want to dash to. But be careful, every time you collect a score token a vicious enemy will appear on the screen. Crash into them whilst trying to increase your score and it's game over.

- Simple, addictive gameplay
- Dash to a safe zone by tapping it
- Collect score tokens by dashing through them
- Equip powerful items which will help you to obtain a higher score
- The higher your score, the more coins you will earn
- Use coins earned to unlock fun costumes for your Dot, some are more powerful than others...

Dot Zone is completely free to play, but you will have the option to buy coins which will help you progress within the game.

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