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Bomberman Chains im App Store
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Bomberman Chains iPhone iPad Download
Bomberman Chains iOS
Bomberman Chains [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Genre:Action, Puzzle
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Have a BLAST blowing up enemies in Bomberman Chains! Now Free to Play!

?148 Apps: 4/5 Star Rating - “Bomberman Chains is about as simple as a Match-3 game can get, but its simplicity makes it hard to put down.”??

YOUR GOAL: Vaporize colorful monsters by matching them in lines of 3 or more. Got a bomb? Blast away those pesky enemies into bits! Remember to also keep those fingers busy by creating chains of matches as quickly as possible to reach the highest score!?

Eliminate enemies by matching monsters of the same color into lines of three or more.
- Don’t wait for the monsters to disappear after making a match.
- Continuously make matches to make chains!
- Knock out more chains to get more points.?- Bomberman will supply you with a bomb for clearing 4 or more enemies in a row.?- Tap the bomb to wipe out lines of enemies. More bombs means more points!

* Play mode ?
Clear each stage by accomplishing the mission objectives. As your skill advances, the difficulty of the level will increase as well.

??* 30 Second mode?
Try to achieve a high score in 30 seconds.
* 60 Second mode
?Try to achieve a high score in 60 seconds.

??Bomberman Chains is compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later, and iPad. Download it FREE and Have a blast in Bomberman Chains!

??By Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Quelle: AppStore

iPhone Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Bomberman ChainsScreenshot 2 Bomberman ChainsScreenshot 3 Bomberman ChainsScreenshot 4 Bomberman ChainsScreenshot 5 Bomberman Chains
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