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Aurora Feint II: Lite
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Aurora Feint II: Lite Download
Aurora Feint II: Lite []
Publisher:Danielle Cassley
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Beschreibung aus dem AppStore

This is the "LITE" version of Aurora Feint II, and it replaces the original Aurora Feint: The Beginning. We made this because the old game was just too hard to support for free. It has the SAME feature set as the old game, and more.

It is an online game, so we need servers, and we need to pay for them!! Hence the ads in this game. If you don't want ads and like our game, please consider buying AF II: The Beginning for 1.99 ((only 99 cents this weekend). And you can chat in chat rooms too!! Danielle and Jason.

Its free, but we have ads to pay for the servers.

Also check out our all new Multi-Player Version with Persistent Avatars and Duels, Aurora Feint II: The Arena. Search for it now and experience the newest world of Aurora Feint.

Aurora Feint II: Lite

Play for hours in an epic fantasy world for casual players or gamers. "Must have game of 2008"!!

"Editor's Choice. 9 out of 10" --

"How good is Aurora Feint: The Beginning? It's good enough to get in a fight with your wife over, that's how good" -- Ars Technica

"Aurora Feint is the first strategy/MMO game that I've played on any system for more than five minutes, and I'm addicted" --

Play exciting match 3 puzzles , progress your character through 60+ levels, and collect challenges and rewards! Experience the world of Aurora Feint. Visit for more information.

Notice: There is no more integration with your contact list. Contact data is never read, cached, saved, or sent. Ever.

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