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Animal Pet Farm Craft im App Store
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Animal Pet Farm Craft iPhone iPad Download
Animal Pet Farm Craft iOS
Animal Pet Farm Craft [Universal]
Publisher:Yuriy Matlakhov
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Become the most famous farmer in the county! Make your own farm and fulfill it with different pets! Explore lands to find materials for building and crafting pet farm. Start your way to success only with a small farm with dogs and cats and develop it to a town or even a city for your pets!

- Explore the land and sources of raw materials;
- Build a shelter and play with your pets;
- Create an animal world like never before!
- Various animals to play;
- Beautiful 3D environment;
- Cool mining and crafting system;
- Build a wonderful farm of your dream!

Enjoy Animal Pet Farm Craft - the game for the whole family! Plunge into the animal world and construct your farm at will!

Quelle: AppStore
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