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1121 [Universal]
Publisher:Ming-Shiuan Yu
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"1121" is a tile-eliminating puzzle game. Swipe your finger on the 6x6 board to move and merge the tiles. These tiles which are elements of the true equation or inequality will be eliminated. The level will clear if all the number tiles and operator symbol tiles were eliminated. There are environmental influences like one-way sign, trap and stop point on the board, making gameplay more diversified. A total of 100 free levels and 50 paid extra levels can challenge!

The advanced goal:
Clear the level with the specified number of steps. The number of steps is the shortest steps obtained by a computer algorithm. Therefore, in addition to the general goal(level clear), you can also try to achieve the advanced goal.

Locked shortest steps:
Each level has the shortest steps solution that has been locked. Those steps can be unlocked one by one by clicking the hint button, or by those matched steps in the tracks analysis when you clear the level. You can continue to play the level on this basis to achieve the advanced goal.

"1121" contains 100 free levels and 50 paid extra levels. The extra levels can unlock if the player achieved all general and advanced goals in 100 free levels.
You can obtain hint points by watch ADs or use IAPs to help you to clear levels or achieve advanced goals.

? Rules are simple but the gameplay is challenging!
? A total of 100 + 50 levels!
? Change the wall color according to your mood!
? Try to reach the shortest steps which were calculated by a computer algorithm!
? The hint function allows the player to stand on the known basis, think about the next step and try to clear the level.
? The analytic function points out the right steps in the player's tracks, guiding the player to continue trying to achieve advanced goals.

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