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10 im App Store
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10 iPhone iPad Download
10 iOS
10 [Universal]
Publisher:IOJOE LTD
Genre:Bildung, Puzzle
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"Initially simple it quickly descends into obsessive, head-scratching territory; your brain will thank you."
- GamesWithPurpose

"...the kind of brain-training that Nintendo's Floating-Japanese-Doctor-Head-Guy would approve of."
- JayIsGames

"Some of the best puzzle games excel because they use simple mechanics to give players the tools and space to hang themselves if they aren't careful. That's exactly what 10 does..."

"Challenging gameplay with a simple premise, this game is fantastic and one of the best puzzles in the App Store."
- App Store review

"Brilliant puzzles, one and all. The mechanics are so simple, but each puzzle feels very, very different. From tiny little puzzles to massive spreads, to puzzles where every move counts to those where you can really invent your own solution. A must have."
- App Store review

"So simple yet so clever... Great math training for the little ones too."
- App Store review


10 is a puzzle game made of numbers.


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