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Preis & Download:
FLASHOUT 3D iPhone iPad Download
FLASHOUT 3D [Universal]
Publisher:Jujubee S.A.
Genre:Action, Rennsport
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PreisreduzierungVeröffentlicht am 30.01.13 um 08:32h | Universal

Zukunfts-Racer “FLASHOUT 3D” wieder für nur 0,89€

Zukunfts-Racer “FLASHOUT 3D” wieder für nur 0,89€
Den heutigen Tag wollen wir mit einer interessanten Preissenkung beginnen. Wie schon einmal vor gut einem Monat gibt es das futuristische Rennspiel FLASHOUT 3D (AppStore) von Jujubee wieder einmal zum kleinen Preis von nur 0,89€. Zum Release des “WipEout”-Klons vor genau zwei Monaten kostete die Universal-App noch 3,59€, zuletzt war der reguläre Preis bei 2,69€.

Im Spiel rast ihr in der Zukunft mit bewaffneten Raumgleitern über futuristischen Rennstrecken und habt allerlei Waffen zur Verfügung, den gegnerischen Fahrzeugen Feuer unterm Hintern zu machen. Im AppStore gibt es dafür im Schnitt 4,5 Sterne. Wer sich trotz des geringen Kaufpreises von nur 0,89€ vorher ein Bild des Spieles machen will, der greift vor dem Kauf zur kostenlosen Lite-Version FLASHOUT 3D FREE (AppStore).

Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):

★★★★★ Optimized for the iPhone 5, the iPad 4 and the iPad mini!

★★★★★ The fastest and most anticipated futuristic racing game for iOS in history is finally here!

“If you’ve got quick reflexes and are addicted to speed, this is the game you’ve been waiting for!” 4.5/5 – App Advice

“A gorgeous, anti-gravity racer featuring stunning tracks, deadly weapons, and upgradable ships!” 4.5/5 – Apps Looking

“Goes a long way towards bridging the gap between big name franchises on the consoles and mobile offerings!” 4/5 – 148Apps

“This gem had me captivated. If you’ve got any interest in racing games at all, pick this one up!” 8/10 – Arcade Sushi

“FLASHOUT 3D by Jujubee is the closest thing the App Store has to Sony’s popular racing series Wipeout!” 4/5 – App Tudes

“FLASHOUT 3D deserves a spot on any racing gamer’s device for fun, accessible gameplay, jaw-dropping graphics and stunning visuals. I believe you will fall in love with it in the first glance!” 4/5 – Best10Apps

“You’ll ultimately be rewarded with some of the most thrilling racing gameplay that mobiles have to offer!” 4/5 – Modojo

FLASHOUT 3D by Jujubee is the best racing experience for your mobile device! Get into one of your ultra fast ships and join the competition! Use rockets and guns to fight your way to victory in all events and become the best racer in the whole galaxy!

With jaw-dropping graphics, stunning visuals and fast-paced racing action, FLASHOUT 3D brings a new level of fun to the table! It also features a unique interactive equalizer, that analyzes in-game music and accordingly determines, in real-time, what the visual effects look like!

But there’s more! The game has some of the best and most accessible controls to allow you to focus on the pure action and an addicting Career Mode that will keep you busy and entertained for hours!

Dominate the grid in all events, master your skills, upgrade your ships, listen to the great tunes, unlock all circuits and get hooked by this most advanced, fun and exhilarating racing experience!

Features and highlights:

– Amazing 3D graphics!
– Full Retina support!
– Great and unique electronic music!
– Addicting Career Mode!
– Highly-detailed and amazing racing circuits (New York, Beijing, Berlin and many more)!
– Dozens of challenging races!
– Upgradeable, super-fast ships!
– Precise, fun and awesome controls!
– Full accelerometer support!
– Many cool and useful bonuses!
– Deadly and destructive arsenal of weapons!
– Clever AI, adapting to your style of play!
– Interactive Equalizer – music affects graphics!
– Gorgeous visual effects!
– 6 control layouts!
– Vibrations (if supported by device)!
– Additional effects on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 2/3/4/mini!
– Apple TV and TV Out support!
– Leaderboards and achievements via Game Center!
– iCloud support – one save file for all devices!
– Universal App!
– Facebook and Twitter support!
– And even more!

And here’s what’s coming thanks to future updates:

– Challenge Mode!
– Possibility to import your own music!
– Intense online multiplayer!
– SBS 3D support (3D TV set required) – immerse yourself into the action!


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