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Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Lite
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Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Lite iPhone iPad Download
Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Lite
Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Lite [Universal]
Publisher:Freyr Games
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App-VorstellungNeuerscheinungVeröffentlicht am 23.02.12 um 18:55h | Universal

Lite-Release: Alien-Shooter “Star Warfare: Alien Invasion” jetzt kostenlos anspielen

Lite-Release: Alien-Shooter “Star Warfare: Alien Invasion” jetzt kostenlos anspielen
Wer den Alien-Dual-Stick-Shooter Star Warfare: Alien Invasion (AppStore) von Freyr Games, den wir hier ausführlich vorgestellt haben, gerne vor dem Kauf der 0,79€ teuren Vollversion testen möchte, hat seit heute dank Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Lite (AppStore) Gelegenheit dazu. Die Lite-Version mit reduziertem Umfang kann als Universal-App, was für eine Überraschung, kostenlos im AppStore geladen werden.

Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):

Defeat ‘them’, now, or lose your home forever!
Console-quality boss battles, 30 single player levels, multiplayer supported, tons of gear and unique avatars to collect!!

UBW-594244 is a beautiful and peaceful planet located at the far edge of human territory…

Mithril, a revolutionary new raw material, is found here. The population is growing rapidly. It’s a happy and wealthy region,

…Until ‘they’ appear!

There’s nowhere to retreat: Defeat the enemies here, now, or your home will be lost forever!

Prototype-02, a humanoid war machine, was released by our top scientists.

And now, as always, our last hope…


Solid single player mode
l Various enemies with rich AI
l Console-like smooth control
l 5 maps and 30 levels, loot can be used in solo and multiplayer modes

Simply the best co-op shooting game on smart phones
l Console-quality boss battles, team with up to 3 players.
l Earn more gold in team survival mode.
l Armor and bags specially designed for team battle

Rich and flexible gear system
l 26 weapons, each upgradable 8 times, unlocked as you promote up the ranks.
l Eight Suits, each part with special attributes, a whole collection provides extra bonus. Elite suite entitles an extra special buff.
l Mix&match weapons with suits to earn additional damage
l 14 military bags with special functions.


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