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D.A.R.K. im App Store
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D.A.R.K. iOS
D.A.R.K. [Universal]
Publisher:Chillingo Ltd
Genre:Action, Abenteuer
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UniversalUpdateVeröffentlicht am 04.10.11 um 12:03h | 0 Kommentare

Update und Preissenkung für „D.A.R.K.“

Chillingo hat seinem um Juni diesen Jahres erschienenen Dual-Stick-Shooter D.A.R.K. (AppStore) gestern ein Update auf Version 1.1 verpasst. Dieses verbessert unter anderem das Gameplay, fügt den Story-Modus neue Levels und eine neue Story hinzu und erweitert das Spiel um einen neuen Arena-Modus sowie neue Gegner und Waffen.

Außerdem gibt es D.A.R.K. (AppStore) derzeit zum Sonderpreis von nur 0,79€ im AppStore. Der reguläre Preis liegt bei 2,39€. Das Spiel ist eine Universal-App für iPhone, iPod touch und iPad.

Update-Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):

Upgraded and rebalanced gameplay
Major update to the Story mode including new levels, new story to collect and much more
New lighting engine
Added a new „Arena“ mode
New enemies and armors
Added ability to alter difficulty level from the options menu!
Lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements
Und hier noch die Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):

Earth has Marines, space has D.A.R.K. Squadron. After losing contact with the USS Storm Bringer, a group of elite soldiers from D.A.R.K. Squadron has been sent in to investigate. Explore the labyrinthine corridors of the super-ship in this sci-fi action-RPG and uncover the mystery. Fight waves of deadly enemies, solve ingenious puzzles, and defeat enormous bosses as you uncover the shocking truth about the Storm Bringer.

D.A.R.K. Highlights
• Massive single-player campaign will have you playing for hours on end.
• Huge variety of gameplay, from gunfights to puzzles, ensures you’re always on your toes.
• Atmospheric soundtrack and intense weapon sound effects turn the action up to 11.
• Explore the ship for upgrades and cash, and develop your character how you see fit.
• Haunting narrative will keep you on your toes and immerse you in the gritty sci-fi world.
• Cutting-edge 3D graphics look absolutely stunning and will push your hardware to the max.
• The intuitive and customizable control scheme makes killing enemies with precision both fun and simple.
• Countless weapons and items to find and upgrade add a level of depth not found in other games.
• Three difficulty levels to choose from so anyone can play, whether you’re a novice or veteran player.
• Full support for achievements and leaderboards so you can see how you stack up against other players.

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