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De Blob: Revolution im App Store
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De Blob: Revolution iPhone iPad Download
De Blob: Revolution iOS
De Blob: Revolution []
Publisher:THQ Wireless Inc.
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App-VorstellungNeuerscheinungVeröffentlicht am 17.03.10 um 17:53h | 0 Kommentare

THQ Wireless revolutioniert de Blob

THQ Wireless hat kürzlich De Blob: Revolution in den AppStore gebracht. De Blob, der bunte Farbklecks, ist ja bereits aus dem gleichnamigen Spiel De Blob bekannt. Nun ist er in einem neuen Spiel in vollkommen anderem Genre auf dem iPhone unterwegs: in einem actionreichen Puzzle.

Das Spiel ist für 2,39€ im APpStore zu erwerben.

Offizielle Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):


De Blob is back – and another color Revolution is needed! This time De Blob goes inside the buildings where people are trapped as graydians by the evil INKT Corporation. Find the best possible route through each floor of the building and save as many graydians as possible – or all of them, if you can! For further rewards you can get a bonus for solving the mazes very fast or facing the threat of a bunch of INKT agents chasing you through the building.

There are three game modes and five difficulty levels to give you the control on how much pressure you get when solving the mazes. At the easiest you can take your time to find the perfect solution and at the hardest you have to start moving very quickly to prevent the INKT agents from catching you.

The amount of levels is massive and the level system is open ended – guaranteed to keep the experience fresh and you entertained for hours and hours!

Are you ready for the Revolution?

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