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Real Racing 2 im App Store
Preis & Download:
Real Racing 2 iPhone iPad Download
Real Racing 2 iOS
Real Racing 2 [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:EA Swiss Sarl
Genre:Rennsport, Action
PreviewVeröffentlicht am 10.12.10 um 17:07h | 0 Kommentare

Real Racing 2: weitere Details, neue Screenshots & der Releasetermin

Firemint hat heute umfangreiche Informationen zum neuen Rennspiel Real Racing 2 veröffentlicht.

Fangen wir mit der wichtigsten Info an: das Spiel erscheint am 16.12.2010 im AppStore, also schon nächste Woche Donnerstag. Der Preis wird bei 7,99€ liegen.

Auch weitere Fakten zum Spiel hat Firemint preisgegeben. Das Spiel wird insgesamt 30 Original-Fahrzeuge enthalten (ausführliche Liste siehe unten). Einige erste waren ja bereits verkündet worden (siehe hier), nun ist also die gesamte Palette an Fahrzeugen bekannt.

Außerdem wird es deutlich voller auf der Rennstrecke als noch im ersten Teil. Während bei Real Racing nur sechs Wagen zeitgleich über die Rennstrecken gerast sind, sind es im Nachfolger Real Racing 2 ganze 16 Stück. Außerdem können erstmals in einem iPhone-Spiel 16 Spieler online im Multiplayer-Modus zu Rennen gegeneinander antreten. Beim lokalen Multiplayer-Modus sind es immerhin acht. Außerdem bietet das Spiel noch einen Karrieremodus mit über 10 Stunden Spielspaß und die Schnellspiel-Modi Quick Race und Time Trial.
Dabei soll das Spiel für smämtliche Gerätegenerationen von iPhone und iPod touch kompatibel sein. Wir vermuten aber, dass Spieler mit älteren Geräten Einbußen bei Grafik und ggf. der Anzahl der Wagen auf der Strecke machen müssen, weil diese den enormen Rechenansprüchen wohl kaum genügen werden. Aber das ist wie gesagt nur eine Vermutung, das müssen wir bis zum Release des Spieles abwarten.

Umfangreiche Informationen zu Real Racing 2:

Real Racing 2 is the most exhilarating handheld racing experience.
It will be available on the App Store on 16 December 2010,
for US$9.99 / £5.99 / €7.99 / AU$12.99 / ¥900.

Real Racing 2 features include:

■ 30 officially licensed cars
■ 16 car grid against AI, and 16 player online racing – an iOS first
■ Career mode with well over 10 hours gameplay and a range of event types
■ Earn in-game currency to buy and sell cars, and buy upgrades
■ 5 game modes: Career Mode, Quick Race, Time Trial, Local Multiplayer (8 players), Online Multiplayer (16 players)
■ 15 locations with 40 miles of highly detailed race track
■ Vehicle damage
■ Online Save Game
■ Game Center and Cloudcell integration, multiple profiles
■ Wide range of control options
■ HUD with minimap that can be turned on or off
■ 5 camera angles including fully 3D cockpit view, and TV style replays
■ Powered by Firemint’s exclusive Mint3D™ engine

30 Officially Licensed Cars

The 30 meticulously detailed cars in Real Racing 2 are:

BMW 2010 BMW M6 Competition Edition
2010 BMW M3 GTS
2009 BMW M3 GT2
2010 BMW Z4 sDrive35is
2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe Race Car

Chevrolet 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS
2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS
2010 Chevrolet Camaro GS Race Car
2010 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1
2010 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

Ford / Shelby 2010 Ford Focus RS
2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500
2005 Ford GT

Jaguar 2010 Jaguar XKR
2010 #33 Jaguar RSR XKR GT

Lotus 2010 Lotus Exige
2010 Lotus Evora
2010 Lotus Evora Cup

McLaren 2010 McLaren MP4-12C
1995 McLaren F1 GTR Race Car

Nissan / Super GT 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35)
2010 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R (car #23 – NISMO, GT500)
2010 Nissan 370Z (Z34)
2010 MOLA 350Z (car #46 – MOLA, GT300)

Volkswagen 2010 VW Golf GTI (A6)
2010 VW Golf R (A6)
2008 VW Scirocco (A6)
2008 VW Scirocco R (A6)

Volvo 2010 Volvo C30 R
2010 Volvo C30 STCC Race Car

16 Car Grid

Real Racing 2 features an incredible 16 car grid for authentic pack racing action, the first time this has been achieved on iOS. In single-player games against computer controlled (AI) opponents, there is no “rubber banding” – you will have a genuine racing experience, and will compete against AIs driving the same cars you can drive, with the same performance characteristics. Online races are also for up to 16 auto-matched players, with Game Center invitations coming in the first update. Career mode with over 10 hours gameplay

The massive career mode is the heart of Real Racing 2, and provides well over 10 hours of gameplay. There are five Tiers with 44 Events and a total of 83 races. Progressing through Career Mode will unlock new tracks and earn you in-game currency and reputation.

The five Tiers are Club Division, State Showdown, Grand National, Pro Circuit and World Series. There are specific Requirements for entering each Tier, and each Tier contains a series of Events to compete in. Each Event has its own Requirements for entry, Prize Money and Reputation awards.

There are five different event types: Cup races, Head to Head races, Championships, Time Trial challenges, and Eliminations. Cup races are one-off races against 15 opponents. Head to Head races are against a single opponent (sometimes in a specific car). Championships are a series of races against 15 opponents. Time Trial challenges require you to complete the race in a specific time. Elimination events involve a three lap race with four competitors – whoever is in last position at the end of each lap is eliminated from the race.

The Tiers and Events in Career mode often have strict requirements for entry. To enter the first Tier you only need to purchase a vehicle, which you do when you start Real Racing 2 for the first time. Each subsequent Tier requires that you have placed in at least 2 championships in the previous Tier. Most Events also have requirements for entry. These requirements may be related to details of your current car such as having a specific Engine Class or Performance Rating. Or they may be related to your success on the track, such as winning specific Events or having enough Reputation (REP). Championship Events have their own entry fee requirements due to the greater rewards on offer.

Prize Money
Finish your Event races in a good position and you’ll be awarded Prize Money which can be used to buy new cars, customize your car or enter into championships.

You can also earn Reputation (REP) by finishing in a good position. Some Events require you to have earned a specific level of REP before you can enter.

Earn in-game currency to buy and sell cars, and buy upgrades

You can spend the Prize Money you’ve earned in the Career Mode on new cars (which can also be sold again, for additional funds) and on customizing your cars. Cars can be resprayed in a range of colours available for their real-life counterparts. Performance upgrades are also available, each of which affects acceleration, top speed or handling. Special race bred vehicles are available to purchase – if you have the money. These are fully licensed from real race teams, such as the 2010 Motul Autech GT-R. These vehicles are already fully upgraded and have full race liveries, so they do not need to be further customised.

5 Game Modes

Real Racing 2 offers 5 game modes:
■ Career Mode (see above)
■ Quick Race: perfect for honing your skills, getting to know a new car, or racing just for fun. Choose from any of the tracks you’ve unlocked in Career Mode, and any of the cars in your garage. Select whether you’d like to race against opponents or just against the clock, the number of laps and the difficulty setting.
■ Time Trial: take the Time Trial challenge when you’re ready to go for a new personal best on one of the tracks you’ve unlocked. You can turn on the “ghost” of your previous personal best to race against, and submit your best times to the global leaderboards. Upload video replays of your best laps to YouTube.
■ Local Multiplayer: race against other players over a local WiFi network in an 8 car grid.
■ Online multiplayer: auto-matched online races for up to 16 players.

15 locations with 40 miles of highly detailed race track
Real Racing 2 builds significantly upon the world created for Real Racing 1. You will see familiar sponsors such as Zannoil and Monacato. We have re-imagined the locations from Real Racing 1 and added 3 new circuits: San Arcana, King’s Speedway and Balladonia Raceway.

Using extensive feedback from Real Racing, the circuits have been re-designed with specific corners cut out and re-shaped to create a more interesting race. All the locations have been rebuilt from scratch to a totally new standard, adding in details to the world that we always imagined might be there on race day.

Racing locations include forest, desert and mountain race tracks, speedways and city circuits and include daytime, twilight and night races.

Vehicle Damage

If you collide with other cars or the trackside barrier, your car may take visual damage. If the damage is extensive enough, side mirrors and front and rear bumpers can fall off completely, or drag along until they take another impact

Online Save Game

Save game data is stored online with your game identity, so if you need to reinstall the app or buy a new device, you can restore it and pick up right where you left off including all your game progress.

Game Center and Cloudcell integration

Achievements and Leaderboards feature Game Center support, or can be viewed within Real Racing 2 without Game Center. For players who do not have Game Center, accounts are managed via Firemint’s Cloudcell technology. If you have Game Center, then each account has its own profile and save game with achievements and game progression, so you can switch between multiple profiles on the one device.

Wide Range of Control Options

Real Racing 2 offers 5 different control schemes, plus “flipped” versions of two of the schemes:
■ Method A: Steer by tilting your device, brake by touching the screen. Automatic acceleration.
■ Method B: Steer by tilting your device; accelerate by touching the right side of the screen, brake by touching the left side of the screen.
■ Method C: Steer by sliding the wheel left and right on the left side of the screen. Brake by touching the right side of the screen. Automatic acceleration.
■ Method C (flipped): Steer by sliding the wheel left and right on the right side of the screen. Brake by touching the left side of the screen. Automatic acceleration.
■ Method D: Steer by sliding the wheel left and right on the left side of the screen. Accelerate by touching the bottom right corner of the screen, brake by touching the middle right side of the screen.
■ Method D (flipped): Steer by sliding the wheel left and right on the right side of the screen. Accelerate by touching the bottom left corner of the screen, brake by touching the middle left side of the screen.
■ Method E: Steer left and right by touching the left and right sides of the screen, brake by touching the middle of the screen. Automatic acceleration.
Vibration: If your device has vibration capabilities, set this option to ON to experience vibration feedback during play. (This is not a recommended option, but some players like it!)

Horizon Tilt: Turn Horizon Tilt “on” to keep the horizon level with the ground as you rotate the device. Turn Horizon Tilt “off” and the horizon will always stay level with the device.

Steering Sensitivity: The sensitivity setting defines how much you need to tilt your device or drag your finger across the screen in order to steer your car. A low sensitivity is smoother, while high sensitivity is faster and more reactive.

Assistance: We are excited about our intuitive and easy to master new controls based on more intelligent assists. Or you can take the challenge up a notch by disabling some of these features. Set anti-skid, steering assist and brake assist levels to suit your play style.

The entire game will automatically flip 180 degrees if the device is turned upside down to allow for various headphone plug locations.

HUD With Minimap

The Head Up Display shows current position, number of laps completed, assists enabled (if any), current speed and elapsed time, as well as a minimap showing the track layout in the immediate vicinity and the locations of nearby competitors. The HUD can be turned on or off in Game Settings. 5 Camera Angles and TV Style Replays
While racing, you can choose from 5 different camera angles: 3D Cockpit Camera, Chase Camera, Far Chase Camera, Front Bumper Camera and Bonnet Camera. Replays feature TV race coverage style camera angles, or you can change to any of the five Cameras.

Powered by Mint3D

The cutting edge graphics and physics in Real Racing 2 are powered by Firemint’s exclusive high performance Mint3D™ engine – optimized to push OpenGL ES2 and retina display technology to the limit, and finetuned for the best experience on older devices.

Additional Information

■ Download file size: approx 310MB
■ Expanded file size: approx 600MB
■ Supported devices: All iPhone and iPod Touch devices
■ Supported OS: 3.1 and newer

Neu sind auch etliche Screenshots, die Firemint heute veröffentlicht hat. Diese zeigen unter anderem neben Szenen von der Strecke auch die Menüs und Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.-v4564–gk5153-