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Evil Dead Lite im App Store
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Evil Dead Lite iPhone iPad Download
Evil Dead Lite iOS
Evil Dead Lite [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:Trigger Apps LLC
Genre:Action, Abenteuer
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UniversalApp-VorstellungNeuerscheinungVeröffentlicht am 16.08.11 um 15:44h | 0 Kommentare

Lite-Versionen zu „Evil Dead“ erschienen

Trigger Apps hat zwei kostenlose Lite-Versionen zu ihrem Shooter Evil Dead (AppStore) und Evil Dead HD (AppStore) im AppStore veröffentlicht. Mit Evil Dead Lite (AppStore) und Evil Dead HD Lite (AppStore) kannst du nun also kostenlos das in der Vollversion 0,79€ bzw. 1,59€ teure Spiel ausprobieren.

Evil Dead (AppStore) ist ein blutigen Dual-Stick-Shooter, der Anfang Juni im AppStore erschienen ist. Das Spiel bietet 30 Levels im Storymodus und eine 3D-Grafik im Comicgewand.

Beschreibung von Evil Dead Lite (AppStore) aus dem AppStore (englisch):

It’s Evil Dead: The Game! Play the ultimate experience in grueling horror!

Evil Dead Lite is the FREE ad-supported full version of the game.

Evil Dead is a horror-action-shooter-adventure where you play as Ash and must fight off Deadites and a host of other possessed abominations in order to stay alive and protect your friends. Groovy!


– 30 action-packed levels in a Story mode based on the cult classic film!

– Axes, boomsticks and chainsaws galore! Fight bosses and lead your friends to safety!

– Mighty fine 3D graphics that will swallow your soul! You will say, „Yeah… truly amazing.“

– Play through the original film’s plot and then some! Separated into two chapters, Autumn Horror lets you experience the film, and Winter Nightmare lets you feast on a brand new storyline!

– There’s so much gore, you’ll literally have to wipe it off your screen!

– Earn badges and prove your worth! There’s a Game Center leaderboard!

– Includes dialogue and the score from the original film!

– Celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the horror movie that started it all!

– Your purchase will help support continued updates and improvements to the game!


„Stays true to the feel of [the film], which is essential.“ – Rob Tapert, Executive Producer of The Evil Dead

„Gore-drenched, boomstick-featuring, Deadite slaughterthon“ – Entertainment Weekly

„They’ve done a great job of faithfully recreating the original movie, plus adding some new content of their own.“ – Appolicious

„Evil Dead looks crisp, runs well, and is one of the better-looking mobile titles I’ve seen.“ – Game Informer

For more info about the Evil Dead app, visit For customer support, reach us at support[at]evildeadapp[dot]com.


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