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Heute kostenlos: Pang Mobile & Babel Rising

Heute bieten zwei der größten Ein-App-pro-Tag-kostenlos-Angebote und wieder zwei recht bekannte Spieler für einen Tag kostenlos an.

Zum einen ist es das Spiel Pang Mobile von Player X, der auch das Planet 51 Racer im AppStore anbietet. Pang Mobile ist ein Klassiker aus den 80ern, der bei uns älteren Spielern sicherlich Erinnerungen wecken dürfte.

Beschreibung zu Pang Mobile aus dem AppStore (englisch):

A bubble blast from the past, Pang is the game you love and remember from the 80’s, even better today on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Test your reflexes in this hugely addictive official remake, „Pang“, also known as „Buster Bros“ in the US.

Travel from Japan to the tropical shores of Hawaii as you take up the task of saving civilisation from dangerously bouncing bubbles that threaten city landmarks across the planet.

Can you save Mount Fuji from being flattened by spherical dangers? Will your reactions be good enough to defend the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty? Or can you wear them down while saving your own skin?

Everyone’s favourite from the arcades, Pang is easy to learn but difficult to master as you progress through 17 locations saving the world’s attractions with an assortment of weapons from the grappling hook to the twin harpoon. The game is crammed with power-ups including a force field and time freeze; anything to give you the edge over those deadly bubbles!

17 locations, covering 50 levels
An assortment of weaponry
Power-ups and prizes for points
World Tour or Infinite Challenge to choose from
Leaderboards – beat your friends for the highest score
Customisable options suit your style

Download Pang NOW! Relive the great times of retro gaming.

Perfect for fans of Space Invaders, PacMan and Q*Bert

Works only on iPhone / iPod touch 3.0 OS and above.

Upcoming updates:
1.0.1– 2.2.1 OS and above support added.
1.0.2– OpenFeint online leaderboards supported.

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Und bei gibt es heute das Spiel Babel Rising von Bulkypix (Entwickler von Spielen wie Hysteria Project, BaDaBoo und Magnetic Sports Hockey). Dies ist ein actionreiches Puzzlespiel, bei dem du Gott spielen darfst und mit Naturgewalten die Menschen daran hindern sollst, Türme in den Himmel zu erbauen.

Original-Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):

Babel Rising is an action puzzle game offering hours of gameplay. The challenge is simple: unleash your powers to prevent the humans from building the tower.“
„You have six devastating powers at your disposal, including the thunderbolt, the typhoon and earthquake!
From the simplest to the most powerful, master them, use them one after the other and combine them to increase their impact.
Divine power is at your fingertips: sweep the screen from top to bottom and left to right with one finger or more to unleash your wrath.“

„Perform the “divine combo” successfully and sweep away the humans from the tower’s levels in one go.
Hilarious animations, detailed graphics and a soundtrack worthy of the best Roman Empire movies in a humorous setting.
Win trophies, publish your scores on-line and beat your best scores.“

Search for God and you will find him! You are the boss and mankind will be sure to remember!

Wer eines dieser oder beide Spiele haben möchte, der sollte sich diese unbedingt heute im AppStore herunterladen, da es diese beiden Spiele heute komplett kostenlos gibt.