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Spider-Man™: Total Mayhem im App Store
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Spider-Man™: Total Mayhem iPhone iPad Download
Spider-Man™: Total Mayhem iOS
Spider-Man™: Total Mayhem [iPhone & iPod touch]
Genre:Action, Abenteuer
PreviewVeröffentlicht am 07.08.10 um 00:05h | 0 Kommentare

Erste Screenshots von Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

Gameloft hat in seinem Blog Screenshots ihres neuen Spieles Spider-Man: Total Mayhem veröffentlicht. Vor geraumer Zeit gab es ja auch schon einen Trailer zum Spider-Man-Spiel.

In Spider-Man: Total Mayhem kannst du in den sagenumwobenen roten Spinnenanzug steigen und in diesem actionreichen Spiel den Ganoven den Gar ausmachen.

Das schreibt Gameloft in seinem Blog (englisch):

What is Spider-Man: Total Mayhem? Quite simply, you embody the superhero and try to save the inhabitants of New York from super-villains who have invaded the city to disperse a lethal virus. Keeping with the tradition of the original comic’s soul, the title offers unique gameplay and state of the art animations in 12 levels. Oh, and be on the lookout for Venom.

Remember Venom? In the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, this Symbiote was created by Eddie Brock as a remedy for cancer. Venom was initially supposed to protects its user from external and internal harm, but exerted extreme pressure. Unfortunately, when the Symbiote is applied to an incompatible human, it takes control of the host’s conscience, forcing it to devour new victims to survive. Ouch! Not pretty!

Well, in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Venom is at the center of intrigue. Roxxon agents infiltrated Triskelion in order to fuse the Oz serum with Venom. Alas, the experiment failed and Venom escaped. An out-of-control Venom is loose in New York and it’s up to Spider-Man to reason with him. So you’ve got super-villains (including Venom), a lethal virus to control and the duty to save New York. No pressure, right?

If you think you can handle the duties of being a superhero, be prepared to jump in on the action this September for the iPhone and iPod touch. In the meantime, be sure to check out our experience of sharing the game at San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Das Spiel soll im September in Den AppStore kommen. Weitere Eindrücke vom Spiel bekommst du auch in Gamelofts aktuellen Podcast, der u.a. diese Spiel zum Thema hat.-gk3518-