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UniversalUpdateVeröffentlicht am 02.05.12 um 11:50h | 0 Kommentare

Das nächste Update: „Junk Jack“ jetzt Universal-App

Am vergangenen Wochenende hat der Minecraft-Klon Junk Jack (AppStore) wieder einmal ein sehr umfangreiches Update erhalten. Die wichtigste Neuerung ist die Tatsache, dass die App nun eine Universal-App ist, also auch auf dem iPad mit voller Auflösung gespielt werden kann.

Außerdem bringt das Update auch eine riesige Liste an weiteren Neuerungen mit sich. So gibt es zum Beispiel neue Monster und Mobs, Pflanzen und vieles mehr. Alle weiteren Neuerungen im Detail kannst du in der unten stehenden Update-Beschreibung aus dem AppStore nachlesen.

Junk Jack (AppStore) gibt es für 2,39€ im AppStore. Im Spiel kannst du dir deine eigenen Traumwelt zusammenbauen. Dafür stehen zahlreiche Rohstoffe und Gegenstände zur Verfügung, die von dir nach Belieben zusammengestellt werden können.

Update-Beschreibung aus dem AppStore (englisch):

Finally UNIVERSAL Version!

* New rare weapon drops
* New Stone Golem mob!
* New Mummy Pharaoh mob!
* New Carnivore Plant mob!
* New Blue Scarab mob!
* New Frog mob!
* New Spider type, found in the jungle biome
* New Zombie type, found in the mushroom biome
* New Headless Zombie mob!
* New Zombie Head mob!
* Slightly decreased block size
* Revamped Egypt Biome!
* Revamped Column Biome!
* Revamped Jungle Biome!
* New Black and Brown Sheep mob!
* Some treasures will now yield appropriate colour dyes when crafted near a spinning wheel
* 15 new color dyes can now be used to tint cloth blocks!
* 120 new recipes for cookable foods!
* New cookingpot craftable addon
* New cooking ware craftable addon
* Craftable hoe!
* Plantable lemon, orange, cherry, banana, pear, cocoa trees
* Plantable eggplant, grapevine and tomato plant that require a wood support
* Plantable melon, pumpkin, watermelon, corn, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry plants
* Plantable corn, wheat, onion, carrot plants
* Plantable sugar cane
* Plantable canadia (exotic plant)
* Every plant yelds the relative fruit and sapling/sprout
* Palm trees (replantable) that yield coconuts
* Tabs for categories in the craftbook
* Items on shelves blocks are now visible in minimap
* Custom craft grid backgrounds according to nearby addons

* Death penalty will now drop all your items with the exception of quickslots, but no item is lost, just dropped
* Adjusted minimum tool requirement for biome blocks
* When a tool breaks it will now emit a sound
* Grass won’t spawn on snow blocks at map generation anymore
* Raw wood can be placed as a block now
* Now tools dropped from blocks will be correctly gathered in inventory
* The super minimap graphics is more polished now
* 5 new achievements
* Revised power of some swords and tools
* Revamped Giant Skull Graphics
* Walking mobs try to be smarter, they can even dash blocks from time to time
* Tweaked some map generator settings
* The graphics of most blocks is more polished now.
* Peaceful mobs will now spawn just normal terrain and not on crafted blocks
* Reduced world save file size by roughly 50%
* Graphical glitches (lines between tiles or thin black lines on surface) have been fixed
* Optimized shadow engine and depth testing algorithm (much faster)
* Rewrote inventory dragging algorithm: now you won’t miss drags and it will be a lot faster on older devices
* Tweaked older foods health bonus
* Changed roasted meat crafts
* Changed crafts for old foods
* Christmas tree statue can be found again
* Decoration blocks can now be properly placed on blocks which didn’t allow them
* Maximum stack count is now 65535, any item over this amount will be lost during merging
* Item on shelves will retain uses count and data values
* Dark stone/Obsidian veins can now be destroyed with TNT
* It’s possible to obtain a bucket of milk from cows while tapping them with an empty bucket in hand
* It’s now possible to break allowed blocks on top layer with every item selected in quickslot
* Now thrown items will be launched from player position instead that from the block in which he is
* Now game interface won’t halt if you have in-app purchases disabled and you click on shop
* Planted trees will have some variation in height (not all equal anymore)
* Now bamboo plants drop sprouts that can be used to replant them
* Mob Engine has been improved to parametrically handle groups of different mobs with same spawning flags
* Decoration blocks removed by hammer will be pushed outside the block, if space is available
* Footsteps on half blocks are now correct and related to the half block and not to the real one
* Slain achievements should now be properly unlocked by correct creature type
* Optimized world structure in memory, now it uses ~30% less RAM for the world


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