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Coin Dash Lite im App Store
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Coin Dash Lite iPhone iPad Download
Coin Dash Lite iOS
Coin Dash Lite [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:Happy Tuesday UG (Haftungsbeschraenkt)
Genre:Action, Spielhalle
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App-VorstellungNeuerscheinungVeröffentlicht am 26.09.11 um 15:34h | 0 Kommentare

„Coin Dash!“ jetzt auch mit kostenloser Lite-Version im AppStore

Der deutsche Indie-Entwickler Happy Tuesday hat seinem Casual-Game Coin Dash! (AppStore), über das wir bereits mehrfach berichtet haben, knapp zwei Monate nach dem Release der Vollversion nun auch eine kostenlose Lite-Version im AppStore verpasst, mit der das Spiel kostenlos angespielt werden kann.

Coin Dash Lite (AppStore) bietet natürlich weniger Umfang als die Vollversion, um das spaßige Spielprinzip zu testen, reicht sie aber vollkommen. Wenn dir das Spiel gefällt, kannst du dir dann die Coin Dash! (AppStore) im AppStore laden, die es derzeit zum reduzierten Preis von nur 0,79€ gibt.

Beschreibung von Coin Dash Lite (AppStore) aus dem AppStore (englisch):

Get “CoinDash! Lite” for the Free CoinDash! experience.
CoinDash! Lite is a slim version of the big game. Less content but nearly as much fun!

+++ CoinDash! Lite downloadeable without Wi-Fi! +++

(Need Help? Read the help section at the end of the text.)

CoinDash! is a fast paced arcade game for in between. Help „Van Holsing“ to get as many coins as possible! Tilt your phone to move around, collect all coins and beat the Highscore!

You will need to tilt your iPhone/iPod stronger than you might be used to from comparable games. Don’t give up, you will get the hang of it after 2 to 3 plays. – And then CoinDash! will become really fast, challenging and fun!

Collect one of the 4 Power-Ups“: SpeedBottle, Magnet, Collector and CoinRush to boost your Score!

Snatch HappyCoins to unlock or upgrade Power-Ups! All Power-Ups can be upgraded.

If you like CoinDash! Lite then check out CoinDash! More Levels, more characters and superior Power-Ups!

Have Fun,
your Happy-Tuesday Team!


Your character is stuck in a corner?! You can find the Calibration Option in the Pause Screen. Just touch the screen while playing. Button is in the lower right corner. Here you can adjust the game to your preferred angle or choose a preset.

2. Controls
In CoinDash! you have to tilt your phone stronger than you might be used to from similar games. We are already on a Patch that allows you to choose between different sensitivities. So if you encounter difficulties moving your character (he’s toooo slow, flickering,…) – Tilt stronger and try to run a small circle as fast as you can.
CoinDash! is a game of reflex and needs a little practice. If it doesn’t work out for you at all: the Patch is coming soon.

3. Game pacing:
CoinDash! is designed for a relatively slow start. You will however certainly notice that the game gets faster and faster until it really goes off. Give it 3-4 plays.

4. General:
For every 10 seconds you have left when entering a Bonus Stage, you will be rewarded with 1 additional Multiplier. These directly multiply your final score. The faster you are, the higher your final score.

5. Feedback
We are working hard to improve CoinDash!
Please send your feedback, questions and advice. We will get back to you – Promise!
Thank You!


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